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Take care of your bag with our 'Care' products.


- leather balm (30 ml): Can be used for the rough edges and leather that feels very dry. This product feeds your leather and makes it look new again. (Do note that it can only be used on our black leather bags. When used on natural tanned leather, the leather becomes darker.)


- black leather paint (10 ml): This product can be used to repaint the cords of your leather bag. These cords are not painted to the core, so after some time the natural color of the leather becomes visible again. 


- sponge: This seasponge is a natural and environmentally friendly care product. It can be used to balm or paint your bag. But it is also possible to use a normal sponge.



How to use the products?


- leather balm: First dampen the sponge with some water. Put some balm on it and apply the product in circular movements on the handbag. The result is a fresh and new looking handbag. Do note that this product also makes the leather more flexible, so don't overdo it with the pleated handbags.


- black leather paint: First dampen the sponge with some water. Put some paint on the sponge and apply it to the cords. Let is dry for a few minutes. The result is a smooth black leather cord. 



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