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Born in Hasselt, BE

Lives and works in Hasselt, BE

In 2019 Anouck Kuyckx obtained her master degree in Fine Arts. Currently she is doing research on how 'zero waste' can be used as a design principle to manufacture handbags. Besides that she is working as a teacher in Visual Arts at the Provinciale Kunsthumaniora in Hasselt. 


2019   Master Object & Jewellery, PXL MAD School of Arts, Hasselt, BE

2018   Teacher, UCLL, DIepenbeek, BE

2017   Bachelor in Fine Arts, PXL MAD School of Arts, Hasselt, BE


2019   Lore Langendries. Hasselt, BE

2019   MIA-H Fashion Incubator. Hasselt, BE



February - April 2023   Henry Van De Velde Awards 2023. Bozar Brussels, BE   

January - February 2023    Glass Vases. Kobalt Gallery Hasselt, BE

December - May 2023   Bags. Fashion Museum Hasselt, BE  

October - November 2022   Super Tactility - soft technology. Museum Texture Kortrijk, BE

April - October 2021   BKRK Award #GLASS. Glazenhuis Lommel, BE

October 2019   We Are The Next Generation. Kortrijk Creativity Week, BE

October 2019   Dutch Design Week, ABN AMRO Hotspot Eindhoven, NL

October 2019   Dutch Design Week. Studio Van Der Zandt Eindhoven, NL

June 2019   360° kunst: Mad Power. Wilford X Temse, BE

June 2019   EXIT Extended. Multiple Hasselt, BE

June 2019   EXIT/19 - Master graduates. Thor Park Genk, BE

April 2019  Leven(d)ekunst: APPEAL - From fruit waste to zero waste handbag.

KVAB Brussel, BE


2023   Flanders DC Jaarmagazine, HVDV Awards 2023   

2022   ABSOLUUT Magazine N°25. 'Hebben en houden: van afval tot waardevol design'

2021   Knack Black Design N°07. BKRK Award #GLASS

2021   De Standaard, DS Magazine (15/05).  'Kijk eens'

2020   SJIEK Mode NR. 328. 'Ondernemen achter de schoolbanken (portret)'

2019   Knack Weekend NR. 42. 'De nieuwe generatie'

2019   Flanders DC. '25 pas afgestudeerde designers om in het oog te houden'

2019   FERM Magazine NO/8.


2018   Art teacher PIKOH (Hasselt)

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