Circle Bag limited edition

Circle Bag limited edition

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With this bag you have a good overview on what's inside. We used a closure that isn't standard. You can open the bag by pulling the two handlebars simultaneously. The weight of its content closes the bag automatically. By implementing 'simple systems' we can reduce the design to its essence; a functional easy to use leather handbag.


Care: Leather is a natural material. Nothing can completely prevent scuffs, scratches and damage but a good leather protector can help. Before wearing your handbag outdoors, we recommend spraying it with a water/stain resistant spray.


Note: This leather is very sensible to scratches. This can not be prevented.



width: 20cm

height: 30cm

depth: 15cm

length cord (pictures): 100 cm 


Color: Brown


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    Estimated delivery - international: on request

    Return policy: within 14 days